North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

50th Annual General Meeting
Majestic Hotel, Harrogate
27st November 2010


1. Minutes of the 49th AGM

These were agreed as a true representation

2. Matters Arising

Sponsorship and NENA funding - Philip Tidswell informed members that he is completing a list of NENA members who are paying the current NENA subscription, and those paying subscriptions at rates levied in the past. The list will be distributed to council members to help with fundraising.
Website - Peter Goulding indicated that earlier in the year there had been a favourable quote from a webmaster, Jenny Loughlin, who has helped with various charity websites in Sheffield. There has been no movement in this area recently. Members from Sheffield agreed to look into matters

3. Officers of the Association 2010

President Dr Peter Fawcett
President Elect Prof David Chadwick
Secretary Dr Peter Goulding
Treasurer Dr Philip Tidswell
Council Member (Newcastle)  Dr Tim Williams
Council Member (Hull)  Dr Fayyaz Ahmed
Council Member (Sheffield)  Dr Ptolomy Sarrigiannis
Council Member (Manchester) Dr Paul Cooper
Council Member (Preston) Dr Christopher Coutinho
Council Member (Liverpool) Dr Peter Enevoldson
Council Member (Middlesbrough) Dr Simon Taggart


4. Treasurer’s Report

The accounts were distributed by Philip Tidswell. There was a positive balance of £3866.36 in the current account and £5539.05 in the deposit account. Junior doctors were reminded that NENA will consider grants to support research presentations at meeting of learned societies. NENA expected doctors supported in this way to present their research at the NENA meeting in due course

5. Any Other Business

Peter Goulding asked members to submit NENA presentations at their earliest convenience following receipt of the NENA newsletter in August 2011. This year many presentations were only received in the week of the meeting which made planning difficult for the organisors

6. This years' prize winners

Liversedge Prize Dr CA Wood-Allum - Sheffield
Crawford Prize Mr M Bolland - Newcastle
NENA Magnum Dr U Weishmann - Liverpool


7. Next Year’s Meeting

November 25th and 26th 2011 – Hosts Sheffield