North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

NENA Officers

Each NENA neuroscience centre elects a council member whose duties include:- promotion of NENA, distribution of details of the annual meeting, representation of their centre at the annual council meeting, organisation of the annual meeting on a rotating basis and judgement of research papers for the Liversedge and Crawford prizes.

The NENA president is elected by council at the yearly council meeting and serves for a year. The NENA secretary and treasurer are also elected by council and have no fixed tenure.

Officers of the Association 2018

President Dr Bernard Boothman
Secretary Dr Rajiv Mohanraj
Treasurer Dr Claire Gall
Council Member (Newcastle) Mr Damian Holliman
Dr Kate Petheram
Council Member (Hull) Dr Rubesh Goriah
Mr Chitoor Rajaraman
Council Member (Sheffield) Dr Ptolomy Sarrigiannis
Dr Daniel Blackburn
Council Member (Manchester) Dr Rajiv Mohanraj
Dr Chris Kobylecki
Council Member (Preston) Dr Claire Gall
Council Member (Liverpool) Dr Udo Wieshmann
Dr Michael Bonello
Council Member (Middlesbrough) Dr Nikolas Hitiris
Mr Nitin Mukerji
Council Member (Leeds) Dr Melissa Maguire
Dr Jane Alty


Trainee representatives

Dr Clare Bolton North East Deanery
Dr Vanisha Chauhan North West Deanery
Yorkshire and Humber