North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

North of England Neurological Association

Annual meeting 18th November 2006
Majestic Hotel Harrogate

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Academic Programme

9.00 am


9.30 am

Research Symposium PART 1

9.30 am

To stent or not to stent: Management of cervical artery aneurysms
J Alty, D Kessel, T Nicholson, J Bamford (Leeds)


Progranulin mutations cause tau-negative frontotemporal dementia
S Pickering Brown J Snowden, M Baker, M Hutton, A Richardson, D Neary, D Mann (Manchester)


Transient ischemic attack and minor stroke: can inflammatory markers predict risk of recurrent vascular events?
Johann Selvarajah*, Sharon Hulme, Rachel Georgiou, Craig Smith, Andy Vail, Stephen Hopkins, Nancy Rothwell, & Pippa Tyrrell (Manchester)

10.15 am

Mortality in adults with newly diagnosed and chronic epilepsy
R Mohanraj, J Norrie, LJ Stephen, MJ Brodie (Manchester)

10.30–11.30 am

Coffee & Exhibition

11.30 am

Research Symposium PART 2

11.30 am

The External Ventricular Drain in Neurosurgical Patients: An audit of compliance with Clinical management Protocol
Dr Hayat, Mr Crawford

11.45 am

An Audit of patients undergoing temporal lobe epilepsy
A Sibanda, I Turnbull

12.00 pm

Observational studies of anti-epileptic drugs-can we trust them? Investigating publication and language bias, and outcome predictors
M.J. Maguire, K. Hemming, A.G. Marson, J.L. Hutton (Liverpool)

12.15 pm

Quality of Publications in Neurosurgical and Neurology Journals- Signs of improvement over three decades?
K Gnanalingham

12.30 – 12.45 pm

Annual General Meeting

12.45-1.45 pm


1.45 pm


2.00 pm

Clinical Cases

2.05 pm

Unilateral proptosis
A Herwadkar (Manchester)

2.15 pm

The vicar and the policeman
M Duddy (Newcastle)

2.25 pm

Bizarre but Organic – Sensitivity to Pattern
U Wieshman (Liverpool)

2.35 pm

An unusual case Levo-dopa responsive Parkinsonism Disease
M Kellett (Manchester)

2.45 pm

A case of spontaneous meningitis
K Gnanalingham, G Sayer, A Varma (Manchester)

2.55 pm

I Hart (Liverpool)

3.05 pm

Twitches and spasms
M Roberts (Manchester)

3.15 pm

Title TBC
M Wilson (Liverpool)

3.25 pm

Don't rub me up the wrong way!
A Marshall (Manchester)

3.35 pm

Award of the 'NENA MAGNUM' & CLOSE