North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

North of England Neurological Association

Annual meeting 28th - 29th November 2008
Majestic Hotel Harrogate
Friday 28th November 2008

Guest lecture 7:00 pm

Prof. Charles Warlow

Professor of Clinical Neurology, Western General Infirmary, Edinburgh

A medico-legal pot pourri

Dinner 8:00 pm
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Academic Programme

Saturday 29th November

9.00 am


9.30 am

Research Symposium (Basic & Clinical Science)
Chairman Dr Peter Newman - NENA President

9.30 am

Evidence for tolerogenic immune response following central fibre tract injury
Leman Hubble (Liverpool)



15-30 Hz intermuscular coherence: a novel biomarker of upper motor neurone dysfunction in motor neurone disease
Mark Baker, KM Fisher, TL Williams & SN Baker; (Newcastle)

10.00 am

Glutamatergic mechanisms in L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia: evidence from a rat model of Parkinson's disease
Christopher Kobyleck, (Manchester)

10.15 am

Novel therapies for REM sleep behaviour disorder - is the clonazepam really the best first line treatment?
Kirstie Anderson, (Newcastle)

10.30 am

Exercise therapy in mitochondrial disease- the new "prescription" drug
Grainne S Gorman, JL Murphy, EL Blakeley, AM Schaefer, S Apabhai, M Trennell, L He, P Wyrick, RG Haller, RW Taylor, T Taivassalo & DM Turnbull; (Newcastle).

10.45 – 11.45 am

Coffee & Exhibition

11.45 am

Research Symposium (Clinical Science)
Chairman Dr Richard Jones – Member, Sunderland

11.45 am

Stroke prevention in cervical artery dissection
Ranjith K Menon, HS Markus, JW Norris; (Liverpool)

12.00 pm

Pregnancy with epilepsy: obstetric and neonatal outcome of a prospective, controlled study
George Mawer1, M Briggs, G Baker, R Bromley, J Clayton-Smith; (Liverpool).

12.15 pm

Is the use of antibiotic impregnated external ventricular drains more important than the duration of ventricular drainage in reducing the incidence of ventriculitis?
H Shekhar, N Mukerji, S Dambatta, P Kalsi, R Strachan; (Middlesbrough)

12.30 pm

Flow dynamics in lumboperitoneal shunts
Nitin Mukerji, MD, J Cahill,,D Rodrigues, S Prakash, R Strachan; (Middlesbrough).

12.45 pm

Phase-contrast MRI: an emerging technique in Chiari malformation and syringomyelia assessment
Stephen Metcalfe, S Marks, N Brady, C Massey; (Middlesbrough)

1 – 1.15 pm

Annual General Meeting

1.15pm – 2pm


2 pm


2.15 pm

Clinical Cases
Chairman Dr Lal Gunerwardena - NENA President Elect

2.15 pm

Alarm Bell's
Paul Goldsmith (Newcastle)

2.30 pm

Hemifacial spasm and Chiari malformation: a peculiar association
Nitin Mukerji, P Newman, FP. Nath; (Middlesbrough)

2.45 pm

The brain and the heart
Ahmad Bajalan (Hull).

3.00 pm

Mr Universe, Los Angeles 2002
Udo Wieshmann (Liverpool).

3.15 pm

A fragile new diagnosis?
Philip Tidswell (Preston).

3.30 pm

Award of the 'NENA MAGNUM' & CLOSE