North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

North of England Neurological Association

Annual meeting 20th - 21st November 2009
Majestic Hotel Harrogate
Friday 20th November 2009

Guest lecture 7:00 pm

Dr Charles Clarke

Consultant Neurologist

High Altitude Neurology: Medicine, Mountains and Tibet

Dinner 8:00 pm
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Academic Programme

Saturday 21st November

9.00 am


9.25 am

Research Symposium (Basic and Clinical Science)
Chairman Dr Lal Gunawardena, NENA President

9.30 am

Long term survival of glioma patients with ‘salvage’ intra-arterial cisplatin chemotherapy
E Lekka, SpR Neurosurgery, Royal Preston Hospital.

9.45 am

Could Neurosurgeons (or indeed Neurologists) be trained in interventional endovascular techniques?
Damian Holliman, Mukerjee N, Gholkar A, Newcastle General Hospital

10.00 am

A study of CSF dynamics through the cerebral aqueduct in normal pressure hydrocephalus utilising phase contrast MR scanning
A Qureshi, Mohammed Imran Bhatti, SPR, Neurosurgery, Royal Preston Hospital

10.15 am

The biochemical analysis of CSF from patients suffering from normal pressure hydrocephalus and its relation to outcome
A Qureshi, Mohammed Imran Bhatti, SPR, Neurosurgery, Royal Preston Hospital

10.30 am

Body CT is non contributory and delays diagnosis in GBM
Matt Bailey, A Qureshi, I Kamali, Hope Hospital, Salford


Coffee and Exhibition

11.25 am

Chairman Dr Phillip Tidswell, Consultant Neurologist, Preston

11.30 am

Characterising the cognitive changes seen in adults with mitochondrial disease
C E Gilson, T Kelly, T D Griffiths, D M Turnbull, Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

11.45 am

Patients with hemispheric ischaemic symptoms do not have a greater degree of cerebral vasomotor reactivity impairment as measured by transcranial Doppler ultrasound as compared to patients with retinal ischaemic symptoms, and display similar microembolic signal characteristics
Martin Punter, SPR, Neurology, Salford Royal Hospitals Foundation Trust

12.00 pm

Executive and frontal dysfunction in fMRI study of cerebral small vessel disease
Guy Lumley, J Goodwin, L M Parkes, H C A Emsley
MARIARC University of Liverpool, UK, Imaging and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester, Department of Neurology, Royal Preston Hospital

12.15 pm

Genetic Regulation in IL-1 gene cluster: A pro-inflammatory conspiracy
Nazar Sharaf, SPR, Neurology, Royal Preston Hospital

12.30 pm

Annual General Meeting

1.00 pm


2.00 pm

Presentation of Presidential Medal, Liversedge and Crawford prizes

2.10 pm

Clinical Cases


Chairman NENA President Elect
Dr Peter Fawcett, Consultant Neurophysiologist, Newcastle

2.15 pm

A cryptic tale of CNS infection
Dr Varma Anoop, Consultant Neurologist, Salford Royal Hospitals Foundation Trust

2.30 pm

A case of foot drop on the intestinal failure unit
Dr Adrian Parry-Jones, Clinical Lecturer in Stroke Medicine, Salford Royal Hospitals Foundation Trust

2.45 pm

Is eating good for epilepsy patients?
Dr Udo Wieshmann, Walton Hospital, Liverpool

3.00 pm

Dancing unwillingly
Dr Marios Hadjivassiliou, Sheffield

3.15 pm

Surprises behind hydrocephalus
Dr Jolanta Kowaleska-Zietek, Royal Preston Hospital

3.30 pm

Award of the NENA Magnum and Close