North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

North of England Neurological Association

Annual meeting 26th - 27th November 2010
Majestic Hotel Harrogate
Friday 26th November 2010

Guest lecture 7:00 pm

Lord John Walton
60 years in Neurology – a retrospect

Dinner 8:00 pm
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Academic Programme

Saturday 27th November

9.00 am


9.25 am

Research Symposium I (Basic and Clinical Science)
Chairman - Peter Fawcett, NENA President

9.30 am

Why do patients with mitochondrial disease get worse?
T Ratnaike, Newcastle

9.45 am

Molecular Factors Underlying the Selective Vulnerability of Motor Neurone Populations in Motor Neuron Disease.
A Brockington, Sheffield

10.00 am

Using Muscle Fibre Conduction Velocity to investigate fatigue in Mitochondrial Disease
M Bolland, Newcastle

10.15 am

Congruence of hand dominance and side of onset in upper limb onset ALA – evidence in favour of the exercise hypothesis
C A Wood-Allum, Sheffield

10.30 am

Coffee and Exhibition

11.25 am

Research Symposium II (Basic and Clinical Science)
Chairman – Fayyaz Ahmed, Hull

11.30 am

Post-Stroke Cognitive Assessment in Acute Stroke Setting
D Blackburn, Sheffield

11.45 am

Visual symptoms in Parkinson's Disease and Parkinson's Disease Dementia
N Archibald, Newcastle

12.00 pm

The Genetic Determinants of Lamotrigine Dosing in Epilepsy
M Grant, Liverpool

12.15 pm


12.45 pm


1.45 pm

Presentation of Presidential Medal, Liversedge and Crawford Prizes

1.55 pm

Clinical Cases
Chairman NENA President Elect Dr David Chadwick, Liverpool

2.00 pm

Potassium Channelopathies – an interesting case
Dr Ayaz Haque – Hull

2.15 am

A difficult Psychiatry ward consultation
N A Fletcher, Walton Centre, Liverpool

2.30 pm

Should I keep taking Riluzole?
A Gibson, PG Sarrigianis, Sheffield

2.45 pm

A case of rapidly progressive MND/PMA
U Weishmann, Walton Centre, Liverpool

3.00 pm

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Is it really always simple and uncomplicated?
J Kowalewska-Zietek, Preston

3.15 pm

Award of the NENA Magnum and Close