North of England Neurological Association North of England Neurological Association

North of England Neurological Association

Annual meeting 25th - 26th November 2011
Majestic Hotel Harrogate
Friday 25th November 2011

Guest lecture 7:00 pm

Dr Jonathan Bird
To Sleep Perchance to Offend

Dinner 8:00 pm
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Academic Programme

Saturday 26th November


9:00 am


9:25 am

Research Symposium I (Basic and Clinical Science) Chairman - NENA President, Dr David Chadwick

9:30 am

Clinical and neuropathological findings from a large cohort of motor neuron disease (MND) cases with hexanucleotide expansions in C9orf72 Chromosome 9p21
J Cooper-Knock, Sheffield

9:45 am

Gliadel Wafer Therapy, Our Experience
T Lilo, Preston

10:00 am

Development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in patients with an established diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: a case series of six patients
A Ismail, Sheffield

10:15 am

Inherited Prion Disease P102L: informing neurodegenerative disease and prion disease pathogenesis?
TEF Webb, Leeds

10:30 am

Coffee and Exhibition

11:25 am

Research Symposium II (Basic and Clinical Science)
Chairman - Dr Richard Grünewald

11:30 am

Thalamic physiology of intention essential tremor is more like cerebellar tremor than postural essential tremor
R Zakaria, Liverpool

11:45 am

Clinical evaluation of transcutaneous carbon dioxide monitor (TOSCA) in patients with Motor Neurone Disease.
MK Rafiq, Sheffield

12:00 pm

Non-motor symptoms - prophecy and guide in Parkinson's Disease?
TK Khoo, Newcastle

12:15 pm

Applicability and performance of published prognostic scores for intracerebral haemorrhage patients referred by telephone to a regional acute neurosurgical service
K Abid, Manchester

12:30 pm


01:00 pm


01:40 pm

Presentation of Presidential Medal, Liversedge and Crawford Prizes

01:50 pm

Clinical Cases
Chairman - NENA president Elect, Mr Sid Marks

1:55 pm

A patient's perspective of narcolepsy with cataplexy
G Dennis,  A Ponnusamy, Sheffield

2:05 pm

Two complicated cases of Chiari/Syringomyelia.  A personal approach to management
M Marks, Middlesborough

2:15 pm

Coeliac disease and myoclonic ataxia: is it all down to epilepsia partialis continua?
M Hadjivassiliou, PG Sarrigiannis, Sheffield

2:25 pm

Abnormal Movements during REM sleep in Narcolepsy.  Two cases with video EEG A Ponnusamy, Sheffield

2:35 pm

A funny case of trigeminal neuralgia
D Blackburn, Sheffield

2:45 pm

Neurological complications of Perry- Romberg Disease: a clinical case
R Buccoliero, Harrogate

2:55 pm

Medical Refractory "MRI negative" Frontal lobe Epilepsy successfully treated with epilepsy surgery
U Wieshmann, Liverpool

3:05 pm

The awakening
M Khalil, Hull

3:15 pm

Management dilemmas:  Moyamoya AVM and an aneurysm and a coiled giant basilar artery aneurysm
U Patel, J Redgrave, Sheffield

3:25 pm

Award of the NENA Magnum and close